Who is behind KEIN KAFFEE?

My name is Matthias Weimer and I am originally from Germany, but moved to the US in 2017, where I live in Charleston, SC with my wife Laura and our daughter Frances.

How did you come up with the idea?

When my wife was pregnant, she cut out caffeine and so did I (out of solidarity). On our quest to replace our craving for coffee, we tried everything on the market, but it just didn't taste anything like it. So I did some more research and found the lupines and before we knew it, here we are with KEIN KAFFEE!

What are lupines?

Lupines are plants in the legume family, with the most famous lupines being the bluebonnet flowers. The lupines used for KEIN KAFFEE are white lupines, which are specifically grown for human consumption in Europe for a long time.

Where and how are they grown?

Our lupines come from organic farms in Southern Germany and are grown using crop rotation techniques to maximize the yield and minimize the need for fertilizer.

What does the process look like - from the field to KEIN KAFFEE?

The lupines are sown beginning of the year, then they bloom in spring and develop the beans over the summer. Once the beans are dry enough in fall, they are harvested and brought to the roaster. Here the magic happens, using a specific roasting line for lupines (no coffee cross contamination), they are roasted until the aroma is perfect. Once roasted, they are ground and packaged, ready for you to brew a cup of KEIN KAFFEE.

Why do you only sell ground KEIN KAFFEE and what is its shelf life?

Compared to regular coffee, KEIN KAFFEE doesn't lose its flavor when it's ground, so it's no problem to store it ground. In an unopened package, the aroma of ground KEIN KAFFEE lasts well over two years. Once opened, we recommend to use it in four to six weeks.

More questions?

Please reach out to info@keinkaffee.com anytime, we are happy to help you with any inquiry.