made from lupine beans

brews just like coffee

100% caffeine free

100% bold coffee taste

100% organic

Bold Coffee Taste

What sets KEIN KAFFEE apart from other alternatives is its 100% bold coffee taste. Through our roasting process, the lupines' rich and robust flavor profile rivals traditional coffee, redefining what a coffee alternative can be.

No Caffeine

KEIN KAFFEE is the answer to your caffeine conundrum. It's 100% naturally caffeine-free, providing a gentle, sustained energy boost without the jitters or crashes. Sip with confidence, knowing that you can conquer your day with a clear mind and a calm, focused demeanor.

Brews just like Coffee

Whether you prefer a gentle drip over, a robust French press, or the precision of an espresso machine, KEIN KAFFEE adapts to your desires. Keep your ritual and enjoy consistent, rich flavor with every method.

Kein kaffee? - Ja bitte!

KEIN KAFFEE is not just another coffee alternative that doesn't get it right! Enjoy the ritual and bold taste of coffee without the downsides of coffee. Start and end your day without any bad side effects!

100% Organic

KEIN KAFFEE takes pride in being 100% organic, certified by stringent German Standards. Say goodbye to chemical residues and embrace the natural goodness of KEIN KAFFEE


KEIN KAFFEE is made from the beans of a special sort of organically farmed lupines, a beautiful flower within the same family as the bluebonnets.